Teaching God’s Word

Our Sunday School classes provide structure for teaching God’s Word to specific age groups; however, we offer the unique opportunity for every participant to be a part of the same curriculum. The Gospel Project is the premier Christ-centered, chronological study taught among all age groups – Preschool through Adults. The Bible is not a collection of stories. It is the ONE story of God’s plan to rescue His people from sin and death. It is the story of redemption, the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  As believers, it is our story, too. 

Our classes gear children, students, and adults for opportunities to discover, review, and interact with God and His principles on a weekly basis. Both age groups leave Sunday school with specific applications for the week.

Gospel Project Details

Three Year Chronological Study of Genesis to Revelation 

  • Spring 2019 study is Volume 9, Jesus Saves 

  • Christ-centered - all Scripture gives testimony to Jesus 

  • Age aligned – same weekly lesson across all ages 

  • Missional focus to respond to God 

  • 99 essential doctrines of the Christian faith identified 



Location: Education Building

Pre-K - K | Nell Leach Preschool Room Preschool Threes | Toddler Room
Kindergarten | Preschool classroom, top of stairs
First - Second Grade | SS Classroom (upstairs)
Third - Fourth Grade | Joyful Noise Temple (upstairs)


Location: Student Ministry Building

Bridge (5th & 6th grade) | Breakout Classroom
Middle School (7th & 8th grade) | Meeting Space
High School (9th - 12th grade) | Meeting Space


Location: Adult Education Building & Fellowship Hall

Independent Bible/Christian Nurture (study, lecture) | Fellowship Hall Wing
Connection (overview, small group discussion) | Fellowship Hall Wing
Fellowship of Believers (leader facilitated, group discussion) | Adult Education Bldg., Room 4
Scripture 201 (study, lecture) | Adult Education Bldg., Room 3
Open Door (leader facilitated, group discussion) | Adult Education Bldg., Room 2