Leading the Way

Congregational leadership is an important area of service in the church. Each year, the congregation calls members who have been regular in worship, active in the life of the church, generous in support of our ministry, and faithful in their life and witness to the gospel, to serve as elders and deacons. These are distinctive leadership roles, calling for particular gifts and commitment.


Along with the pastors, the elders are charged with the oversight of the spiritual life of our congregation — leading, governing and, if necessary, disciplining its members. Both individually and collectively (as the Session), elders provide leadership in worship, teaching, mission, evangelism, care and nurture.


Deacons seek to ensure an expression of Christian compassion for others. They are specifically charged with caring for and ministering to those who are sick, in need, friendless or in distress. The deacons’ role is one of sympathy, concern and compassion for those in need.