The Power of Habit


Sermon Topic (Week 1):  Forgiveness

Sermon Scriptures:  2 Samuel 24: 1-13; Matt. 18:21-35

Sermon Questions:

  • Name a time in childhood when you were caught doing something you should not have done.
  • How did you react?  Or, how do you normally react when you’re called out on something:  turtle or skunk?
  • What is the difference between guilt and shame?  
  • What makes David so bold, respectful, and free?  
  • Bonus / Apply:  What next step can you take to live by the axiom, “His grace is sufficient for me?"

Sermon Topic (Week 2):  PRIORITIES

Sermon Scriptures:  Matt. 6:25-34

Sermon Questions:

  • Name a family tradition and how it got started.
  • Who keeps your family calendar and how do you keep things from getting too crazy?
  • Which of the five area (time, trust, temple, treasure, talent) struck you as needing attention?
  • What will it take to keep or to put first things first in that area of your life?  Next step?
  • Bonus:  In general, what is your biggest barrier to having a one hand approach to life?  (or)  What is your greatest lure to chasing life with two fists?

Sermon Topic (Week 3):  FOCUS

Sermon Scriptures:  Matt. 7:12

Sermon Questions:

  • Are you more prone to fight or flight when a conflict arises?
  • Can you remember a situation when you were being treated unfairly and you reacted?  How’d it turn out?
  • Looking back, can you see how practicing the Golden Rule might have changed the story’s ending?
  • What makes the Golden Rule so difficult?
  • Where in your life are in in the habit of fight/flight?
  • What will it take to “draw the circle?"
  • What would it look like to give more than simply a neutral response, but a positive one?

Sermon Topic (Week 4):  RISK

Sermon Scriptures:  Matt. 14:22-32

Sermon Questions:

  • Were you a risk-taker in your youth? 
  • Can you remember a risk that did not turn out as planned? 
  • People, like Edison, who make great gains, embraced failure as part of the process.  What emotion or reality makes so many of us fear failure? 
  • What failure in your life resulted in a great life lesson? 
  • Which boat do you need to consider stepping out of, and why? 
  • Comfort or security?