Ebb & Flow Sermon Series



May 20, 2018

1)  What is you favorite way (or your least dreaded way) to exercise?

2)  How about your routine overall?  Do you have a picture/plan of 

an “ideal week?”  What does it look like?  How often do you live it?

3)  Paul talks about physical discipline as integral to spiritual growth. What physical signs in your body are a kind of “check engine light”

regarding your relationships and spiritual walk?

4)  Maturity in the way we conduct ourselves in relationships is certainly an outward sign of spiritual maturity, but can our conduct in human relationships limit spiritual growth?  Why and how?  In other words, what spiritual principles are at work in the physical and relational levels that affect spiritual growth?  

5)  What one thing have you considered stopping, starting, or changing this week as a result of our discussion?  Who will help you fulfill that?

May 27, 2018

1)  Who was your first best friend in childhood?

2)  Are there friends from your past who would not be great friends today even if they lived close?  Why? 

3)  What are some of the risks you have taken or someone else took for the sake of true friendship?  Why are such risks necessary?

4)  Is the golden rule about being nice and pleasing everyone or something else?  Why/why not?

5)  If the golden rule is more than people pleasing, what does it take to do the right thing for the sake of someone else?