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Welcome to FPC! We believe the local church is here for a purpose to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, starting now. We also believe the church is here for God's mission: to help others find this same purpose. Scripture calls it the Great Commission, to make disciples. Our church has a wealth of programs and activities, but the heart and central priority is for people to mature in faith so that they themselves might be equipped to engage people in their spheres of influence with the life-changing message of the Gospel. Meaningful membership requires a place to worship, grow, and serve. That pattern of life together bears the fruit of spiritual maturity and initiative. It is our hope that you will find a community of faith here. 

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Our main worship services each Sunday take place in two distinct styles – casual and traditional.  Whichever your preference, we are blessed to participate in both with excitement and authenticity. Come as you are!


The "ARISE" Casual Worship service begins at 8:50 AM in our Fellowship Hall. This service features our praise team and a praise band with guitars, keys, piano, and drums.


The Traditional Worship service begins at 11:00 AM in our Sanctuary. This service features our FPC Chancel Choir, piano, and organ.


225 E. Jackson St.  ||  Thomasville, GA  ||  Get Directions  

 Arise Service (8:50am)

Arise Service (8:50am)

 Traditional Service (11am)

Traditional Service (11am)

Missed a Sunday service?

That's okay! We understand that life gets busy. Our podcasts are a great way to stay up to date with our sermon series! Our Pastor, Dr. Tim Filston, and our Student Ministry Pastor, DT House, bring the word each Sunday, so if you missed a week, click the link below to listen to our various sermon series on podcast. 

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Every church needs to stay small by creating environments of authentic, accountable relationships. At FPC, these groups are a vital part of our church. Through them we connect with others in our congregation while growing with one another in the faith. We offer small group ministry for both students and adults.

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We have Sunday School gatherings at 10 AM every Sunday; five different adult classes meet during this time, along with peer gatherings for children and youth. Every class is centered upon a three year teaching plan called The Gospel Project, a common curriculum that helps start conversations across generations and around the dinner table. 

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We uphold a tradition of reaching out to the local community in order to improve the lives of those directly around us. We offer multiple opportunities for small groups and families to serve across the community, all with the central aim to build trusting, collaborative partnerships in the city. 

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Each year our members organize short-term missions to keep in touch with and to support these efforts. Sometimes we go to offer relief in cultures suffering without resources. Yet we also strive to maintain partnerships guided by the values of sustainability, empowerment, and leadership.