Outreach Foundation



We partner with Stu Ross of The Outreach Foundation in Kenya and East Africa to spread the Gospel by building churches and schools.  FPC has sent mission teams in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2017.  The 300th church was completed in May of 2018. In addition to churches, we have partnered with TOF to build schools which often provide an opportunity for Christian values to be expressed in predominantly Muslim areas. Another area of emphasis has been the establishment of school/rescue centers for girls to escape the consequences of early marriage.     



We partner with Todd and Maria Luke of The Outreach Foundation in the southern portion of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a rural area known as Calakmul, to provide a sustainable water source.  More than just a water project in an area of subsistence farmers, Todd and Maria form respectful relationships with the poor to build family-owned cisterns to collect rainfall.  During the process, our Mexican partners, the indigenous Ch’ols, learn valuable job skills and the value of organization while being exposed to the Gospel in a casual manner.  To date, more than 450 families own a cistern and more than 4.5 million gallons of water are “harvested” each year. 

Todd and Maria dedicate 6 to 10 weeks each year to hosting mission teams from the USA. These groups work with Ch’ol Presbyterians building cisterns, leading Vacation Bible School, and participating in other shared ministries. Our high school students also make a trip to this region to assist Todd and Maria every other summer. 

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FPC first sent a group from our congregation to Cuba in 2004, forging a relationship with the Reformed Church of Guanabacoa. From that relationship our partnership to support The Campaign for the Hope and Aids Outreach Program evolved. The Guanabocoa Church’s Campaign for Hope has been recognized by the Cuban government as a model for AIDS outreach, ministering to those in need with health supplies, information, and pastoral counseling.



In recent years there has been an unprecedented turning to Christ among Iranians from a Muslim background, and they hunger to know and follow Jesus. We will continue our partnership with the Rev. Dr. Sasan Tavassoli who serves as a missionary among Iranians in Iran, the US, and throughout the world.  He is taking his ministry through various platforms of satellite TV productions, conferences, seminars, and Iranian Bible college courses.  One of his most successful platforms has been his partnership with Mohabat TV to produce “Our House, Our Church,” a program designed to model a house church worship that encourages and equips believers in Iran to form their own house churches. 



FPC has partnered with Rev. Jose Carlos Pezini since 2002 in his work planting churches amongst Portuguese speaking immigrants in the US.  After successfully planting a dozen churches and fellowships in the US, he was called back to his native Brazil by the Outreach Foundation to respond to the need for leadership training and new church development. After receiving numerous requests from pastors for coaching and mentoring, Rev. Pezini and another Brazilian pastor began developing a retreat ministry. The name of the ministry, SARA, is from the Brazilian word for “heal.” SARA, designed to refresh and renew the souls of these hard-working pastors, has too date reached over 400 pastors from twelve denominations. 


Marion Medical Mission



Since 1990, Marion Medical Mission, under the leadership of Tom and Joycelyn Logan, has built over 32,000 shallow wells in Malawi, Zambia, and Tanzania.  In 2017, nearly 2,820 wells were completed, providing clean, safe water to over 350,000 individuals.  MMM partners with the villagers who make the bricks, dig the wells, and provide the sand and stones. With the buy-in of each village and the simplicity of the well design, a sustainable water source has become a reality. FPC has strongly committed to this project funding field officers and coordinators, funding wells, and sending volunteers to serve. To learn more about how to volunteer, please see the MMM website mmmwater.org or call the church office. 


Frontier Fellowship

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The Gospel is spreading rapidly in Ethiopia, and we continue to partner with Frontier Fellowship’s Dr. Urgessa Biru and his wife Telile Fikru.   Urguesa founded the Light of Hope Ministry in Ethiopia, working to bring the Arsi Ormo people group to Christ.  The Arsi are 99% Muslim, predominately illiterate and number 10 million people in Ethiopia.  Light of Hope’s focus is to build schools and provide teachers in the village of Kokossa. Because of its effectiveness, this work has become the model for other churches and denominations in teaching the good news of Jesus Christ in predominately Muslim areas.


The Antioch Partners

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“Peace be with you!  As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”  John 20:21   FPC has partnered with The Antioch Partners since its inception in 2007.  TAP is a missionary sending agency which partners with local Presbyterian churches in the US in sending followers of Jesus to serve in long-term, cross-cultural ministry.  TAP missionaries are engaged in many aspects of Kingdom work, including inviting people to follow Jesus, social justice, discipleship, supporting church-planting movements, capacity-building, leadership development, and business as mission.  TAP now has missionaries serving in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the US among not-yet-Christian immigrant communities.


Children of Tomorrow

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This year is our eighth year supporting the Belloc, Haiti “Children for Tomorrow” Bible Camp.  This effort is led by Samuel Dumond, who was of great assistance to our VBS team when we visited Belloc in 2011.  Each year has shown incredible growth with VBS.  Children come from miles around by foot to participate. This event always grows significantly as word spreads throughout the area during the week. This past year the VBS attendance was a total of 848 children over three days. Read a report from the 2016 Haiti Mission Team here. 


EPC World Outreach



The EPC World Outreach seeks to mobilize our family of churches, in partnership with the global church, to firmly plant and establish Christ’s Church among all the peoples of the world. Engage 2025 vision is of a thoroughly evangelical disciple making movement of Presbyterians linked by faith and geography to witness to unreached people groups.  It is a resident apostolic, frontier church planting effort committed to work in the local language and culture. 



International Theological Education Network (ITEN) focuses on theological education and leadership training for nationals. Simply put, the purpose of ITEN is to develop teachers among unreached peoples who will develop teachers among other unreached peoples. ITEN works in tandem with World Outreach church-planting efforts among unreached people groups, particularly Muslims.  ITEN is actively working currently in South-Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Guatemala, Russia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Central and West Africa, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and Southern India.  Dr. Steve Woodworth leads ITEN and has been welcomed numerous times to our pulpit and is a good friend of FPC.


Wycliffe Bible Translators



Barbara Altork, a daughter of First Presbyterian Church, and her husband Richard, have served for nearly thirty years as Wycliffe Bible Translators. Richard has now retired, but Barbara continues her valuable work with Wycliffe, formatting the translations into a printable version.  With Barbara’s devotion to the scripture, nearly twenty years ago she started a Bible club on her porch in Davao City of the Philippines to teach the neighbor children scripture. That Bible club has now grown to 5 day Bible clubs, most recently with 700 children in attendance.  FPC supports the Altork’s work with Wycliffe and the Bible clubs to bring the Gospel to the Philippines and surrounding islands.


Sacred Road Ministries



FPC strives to serve our “first neighbors” the Yakima Indians, through our partnership with Sacred Road ministries.  Since 1855 when the Yakima Reservation was established at the foot of Mt. Adams in south central Washington, the culture, families, and dreams of the Yakama people have steadily disintegrated.  Sacred Road Ministries was established on the Reservation by the Pacific Northwest Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America to establish a dynamic, healthy church in the remote town of White Swan. The Sacred Road team reaches out to the community through Kingdom Kids, youth ministry, a variety of acts of service and mercy, and Hope Fellowship as well as recruiting, hosting and organizing one week service teams. FPC has sent a teams of adults and students to serve the Yakama people by helping with construction of the worship center, home improvements on the reservation, and working with the Native American children each evening through the Kids Ministry of Sacred Road.