Tim is our Senior Pastor, serving primary roles as preacher, teacher, and leader. He grew up in North Carolina and met his Sweetheart of 20 years, Beth in college.  They have served churches in Houston, Orlando, and Chattanooga.  They are the parents of triplets + 1,  David, Jameson, Caroline, Benjamin.  Tim loves what he does in part because it puts him in the position to witness changed lives, before, during and after.  People have spotted him on the road, riding on a couple of skinny tires, wetting a line in a Smoky Mountain river, or altering the landscape of a golf course.  Tim blogs at faithanddoubt.com where he demonstrates the relevance of faith in everything life throws at us.


Favorite sound?  The quiet of a full house before dawn

Favorite Food?  Rabbit-eye blueberries in sourdough pancakes

What make you laugh the hardest?  A true story, well-told, with embellishment