June/July Newsletter Excerpt

A Note from the Pastor continued...


A wise person knows he can learn from anyone, but especially from the great, enduring figures of the past as they point beyond themselves to the Hero of the grander narrative. 


Each of us has a tragic flaw:  to act as the hero of our story.  As a result we make choices that increase the chaos of life.  We all need good counselors.  We need wisdom in the counsel of many.


The pivotal moment of each Old Testament story is when their vulnerability makes room for God’s power.  They looked past the difficulty of their moment to greater promise.  They were imperfect, earthly people whose faith brought transcendent purpose.  


True heroism comes through humility which is the result of confidence, not competence.


All creation was written through Christ (John 1).  All creation is being re-written through him.


When we allow the Logos to speak into our falsehood, he begins to write more of his story into ours, making us more winsome, accessible, and collaborative people.

This summer, we will look at the real Hero of every story through these figures in ancient Israel who failed forward in faith. 


6/10  Abraham: Heroic Trust

6/17  Joseph: Heroic Freedom

6/24  David: Heroic Vulnerability

7/1  Jeremiah:  Heroic Perseverance

7/8  Job:  Heroic Surrender

7/15  Ester:  Heroic Truth Telling

7/22  Ruth:  Heroic Loyalty

7/29  Nehemiah: Heroic Vision


As we go,


     - Dr. Tim Filston

    - Dr. Tim Filston