Small Group Questions (Week 3)


1. What would you do with two weeks and an unlimited budget?  (Ultimate vacation)
2. Can you remember a time when you got just what you wanted but it turned
    out to be less than you expected?
3. Can you remember a time when you did not get what you wanted and it
    turned out to be a good thing?
4. Do you even think that getting something from God is a matter of turning
    the right knobs as you pray?  
5. In the mystery of God’s plans, your want may be a stone compared to God’s fish.
    In those moments of frustration when we can’t see around circumstance, what
    helps you most in appreciating the mystery of God’s plan?  (Can you give an example?)

  • Delayed fulfillment
  • Deeper meaning
  • Dependency 


Small Group Questions (Week 2)


Icebreaker:  What’s an embarrassing moment from your teen years?
(or)  Did you ever get away with something big when you were young?

1.  Can you think of a time when you were caught but not repentant?
(hand in the cookie jar)

2.  Can you remember a time when someone let you off the hook and
it really got your attention.


3.  Have you seen the compassion of second chances work in other people’s lives?
Who is the most empathetic person you know?

4.  If we know it works, what keeps us from being more compassionate?


Small Group Questions (Week 1)


Icebreaker:  Have you had a memorable “brush with authority,” perhaps just after you first started driving, for instance?  

1.  Beyond the centurion’s desire to see his servant healed, what other benefits of authority does he seem to appreciate? 

2.  Where have you experienced the benefits of authority?  Examples from home, work, school?

3.  Where have you needed a stronger, more personal connection to authority? 

  • When dealing with flesh, world, or evil?  
  • Where have you seen any of these three limiting your potential?

4.  What specific steps will strengthen connection to authority in your situation in the future?