God’s Kingdom is Growing – Belloc, Haiti VBS Mission Report

The 6th annual “Children for Tomorrow” Bible School was recently held August 1st through 5th in Belloc, Haiti.  FPC’s ongoing presence has made the Belloc community anticipate this week each summer!  The Bible School averaged over 200 children daily over the week and was a tremendous blessing for all who participated!  Each day included singing, Bible dramas and lessons, crafts, dancing, and games.  Over 1200 nutritious lunches were served over the five days, which for many was the only meal they would find experience that day.  We are extremely thankful for the $2000.00 contribution from FPC’s World Mission Conference funding to help make this happen each year.  The highlight of the week was God calling over 20 children into His Kingdom as new believers!

This year’s theme was “New Creations in Christ” based on 2 Corinthians 5:17.  The first two days teaching recounted the creation story from Genesis Chapters 1-3.  Using banners the church altar was transformed into the Garden of Eden framed by the two named trees.  Emphasis was placed on God’s kindness and love shown to mankind as the crown of all He created.  The kids loved decorating their own crowns as one of the craft activities!  Using the children as actors each day, we told the story of the creation of man and women, the fall of mankind starring a snake sock puppet, and God’s promise of a coming Savior who would crush the serpent’s head!

To illustrate salvation by works (perfect obedience to God’s Law) we challenged several children on the first day to jump to touch a heart suspended from a string to receive a prize.  As sin had yet to be introduced they all reached the goal and received a prize.  We repeated the exercise on Day Two after teaching on sin.  This time the jumpers were weighed down by heavy “Peche Packs” (sin backpacks).  None of the jumpers could reach the heart in their own power due to the burden of their sin.  Eternal Life would have to come from outside themselves!  Yes they were pre-briefed to their inability (pun intended!) and being a nice guy they did get prizes for trying (call it common grace!).

On Day 3 we performed an epic drama of the entire life of Abraham!  We emphasized Abraham’s faith in God’s promise that the Savior would come through his descendants, specifically Isaac.  The children saw how God provided a substitute at the perfect time to spare Isaac from his father’s hand!  God’s plan to glorify Himself and bring salvation to sinful mankind is only found through faith!

Day Four was a performance on the life of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, the promised Savior, sent not only to conquer the serpent’s kingdom but even death itself!  The drama depicted His preaching, healing, teaching, death, resurrection, ascension, and coming return as Judge!  No small feat!

The climax of the week’s teaching was depicting God’s grace as children wearing sinful black hearts and loaded down with sin backpacks approached Jesus on the judgment throne.  Jesus took each of their sin backpacks upon Himself and gave them new red hearts and clothed them in a white shirt and brought them into His eternal paradise!   Later as we reviewed these teachings we invited those who knew they were sinners and were placing their trust in Christ for the first time to come forward.  I can’t describe the joy that came as over twenty children came forward!  God is truly Good!

On Wednesday afternoon we invited the local widows to meet with us to discuss their lives and needs.  This turned out to be a truly powerful and humbling experience.  Through the “God’s Hands Widows Ministry” we distributed 40 pound bags of rice and a gallon of cooking oil to each of 15 widows!  We are doing this quarterly through World Mission Conference funds!  Our meeting revealed that not one of these widows has a bed or mattress to sleep on!  They just lay on a pile of clothes on the ground.  We are praying for people to step forward to join us in expanding this vital ministry with the hope of greater funding to come in keeping with God’s word expressed in James 1:27.

The Belloc, Haiti Ministry is really far more than just a children’s Vacation Bible School.  We live and interact with this entire community through the week.  Each night the church fills (about 300 people) to see a slide and video show of the day’s highlights, pictures from past years, and a feature film!  We showed “Son of God’ on Sunday evening and lighter fare like “The Princess Bride” on the weekdays.

We can attest that God has blessed us incredibly through our visits to Haiti.  We invite you to join us in 2017 to experience the joy of serving amongst the people of rural Haiti.  You will be encouraged by their faith, humbled by their joy in poverty, and made truly thankful for the incredible blessings we all enjoy in the United States.  

For His Glory!

The Stauffer Family