What is the Global Leadership Summit (GLS18)?
This year the GLS will be held on Thursday, August 9 and Friday, August 10 for a 2 day leadership experience that provides fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at convenient host sites near you.  This live leadership content is broadcasted over satellite to 600+ host sites around the country and are setup to provide you a “red carpet experience” and make you feel like you are in the same location as the speaker.  You can go to the parent website for Willow Creek for further information on the Global Leadership Summit.

Why is this event important?

The church works best when leaders are enabled and equipped to lead. This event is filled with solid teaching and geared to equip all church members and members of the community to be better leaders in the sphere of influence. This is also a good place for our FPC teams to gather AS TEAMS and bring greater definition.


Who are the typical attendees for this event? This event is targeted to leaders.  Many people have a misconceptions that they are not a leader.  One phrase that frequently is stated is “anyone with influence is a leader”.  It’s not a matter of if you have influence, it’s a matter of how will you leverage that influence in your business or organization.  This event is available to businessmen and women as well as the the stay at home mom.


Why is First Presbyterian Church (FPC) hosting this event in Thomasville GA?
FPC would like to work with the Thomasville community to provide world class leadership content to businesses, organizations, non-profits, and individuals in our community.


Who qualifies for the Student, Faculty and Military rates? All high school, undergraduate and graduate students (both full or part-time students) are eligible for the Student rate. The Faculty rate applies to individuals on staff at a college, university or seminary. U.S. Military Active Duty and Reserve personnel and their spouses may register at the Military rate. 

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Are Scholarships available?

Yes, a limited amount of scholarship funding is available.  Click below to apply for one of our partial scholarships.

 I have attended the GLS and would like to help support or promote the GLS in Thomasville GA?

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