Bonnie is the Director of Communications at First Presbyterian Church. She grew up in Thomasville and attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and a minor in Health, Medicine & Society. Fueled by curiosity and 70s rock nā€™ roll, she has a passion for hands-on creative projects that infuse our lives with love, beauty, nature, and humor. Bonnie has the heart and soul of an adventurer. A thrill-and-chill seeker to the core, she lives for discovering anything and everything about the world around her. In her spare time, she is most likely exploring the great outdoors, splish-splashing her way through the Gulf waters, or indulging in her artistic hobbies of photography, writing, and wine/cheese/chocolate pairings. 


Favorite sound?  The soft strums of an acoustic guitar (played under the night sky on a warm summer night...)

Favorite Food?  Paella de Marisco (with a glass of sangria!)

What makes you laugh the hardest?  Reminiscing over my favorite funny moments with family and friends